Album: HEAVEN IS  |  Song lyrics to: SOMETHING BETTER

Lead Vocal: Angelique Konen
Music: John Freeman, Sunny Davina McNair
Lyrics: Sunny Davina McNair


Verse 1
I saw you through the window,
Curled up on your bed.
I saw you start to cry,
And throw the pillow over your head.
It seemed as if your whole world
Had crumbled and fallen through.
He said that he'd be going,
But you didn't think so -soon.
Oh, I couldn't bear to see you
There so alone and run aground,
I wanted to take you in my arms
And tell you that I've found...
He always

Gives us something better than what He takes away,
Yes, the Heart of Heaven knows if they weren't meant to stay.
He gives in love and He gathers in love,
Oh, there's always something better than what is taken away.

Verse 2
He'll calm the throbbing heart cry,
And dry the stormy skies,
He takes some things away, that we may learn to
Look into His eyes.
Though you may feel that this one is the
One that's right for you,
He sees so much farther than we ever do.
And He'll always...

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 3
I've been where you're standing now,
Walkin' in those shoes.
I know it's hard to trust
When you feel you always lose.
But give it time and your road will meet
With the perfect choice of God,
They'll be no regrets when you look back over
The mountains you have trod.
'Cause He'll always...

[Repeat Chorus]


"SOMETHING BETTER" (with chords)

Capo: 2nd Fret
Intro: (Dsus2)-(Esus2/D)-(D)-(Esus2/D)

Verse 1
(D)I saw you through the (Esus2/D)window,
(D)Curled up on yo(Esus2/D)ur bed.
(D)I saw you start to (Asus2/C#)cry,
And throw the pillow (Bm7)over your he(Esus4)ad.(E)
(D)It seemed as if your (Esus2/D)whole world
(D)Had crumbled and (Esus2/D)fallen through.
(D)He said that he'd be (Asus2/C#)going,
But you (Bm7)didn't think so (Esus4)-(E)soon.
Oh, (F#m7)I couldn't bear to se(C#/F)e you
There so a(Asus2/E)lone and run ag(B/Eb)round,
I (D)wanted to take you (Asus2/C#)in my arms
And (Bm7)tell you that I've (Esus4)found...(D)
He (F#m7)alw(Esus2)ays

(Dsus2)Gives us something better than (Asus2/C#)what He takes away,
Yes, the (Dsus2/E)Heart of Heaven knows if they weren't me(A)ant to stay.
He (F#m7)gives (Esus2)in (D)love and He (Asus2/C#)gathers in love,
Oh, there's (Dsus2/E)always something better than what is taken aw(Dsus2)ay.

Interlude: (Dsus2)-(Esus2/D)-(D)-(Esus2/D)

Verse 2
(D)He'll calm the throbbing (Esus2/D)heart cry,
(D)And dry the stormy (Esus2/D)skies,
(D)He takes some things a(Asus2/C#)way, that we may learn to
(Bm7)Look into His e(Esus4)yes.(E)
Though (F#m7)you may feel that thi(C#/F)s one is the
(Asus2/E)One that's right for (B/Eb)you,
(D)He sees so much (Asus2/C#)farther (Bm7)than we ever (Esus4)do.
(D)And He'll (F#m7)al(E)ways...

[Repeat Chorus]

Interlude: (Dsus2)-(Esus2/D)-(D)-(Esus2/D)

Verse 3
(Dmaj7)I've been where you're (Esus2/D)standing now,
(Dmaj7)Walkin' in tho(Esus2/D)se shoes.
(Dsus2)I know it's hard to tr(Asus2/C#)ust
When you feel you (Bm7)always lo(Esus4)se.(E)
But (F#m7)give it time and your (C#/F)road will meet
With the (Asus2/E)perfect choice of (B/Eb)God,
They'll be (D)no regrets when you (Asus2/C#)look back over
(Bm7)The mountains you have (Esus4)trod.(E)
'Cause He'll (F#m7)al(E)ways...

[Repeat Chorus]

Ending: (Dsus2)-(Esus2/D)-(D)-(Esus2/D)-(Dsus2)-(Esus2/D)-(D)-(Esus2/D)

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