Album: HEAVEN IS  |  Song lyrics to: THE HELMET

Lead Vocals: Emmanuel Gilligan, Julia Scott
Lyrics: Emmanuel Gilligan, Julia Scott, Fiona
Music: Jeremy Spencer


Verse 1a:
Young knight in bright armor, old weapons laid down.
In the armorer's forge, fair maidens attending.
Now groomed for the fierce wars that rage all around,
You kneel to be crowned, nobly bending.

Verse 1b:
This is the moment, brave warrior, to yield;
Lord of your fate no longer.
Though sirens allure you in far town and field,
Love's power is stronger.

Donning the helmet, surrendered.
It's now and forever to cont-rol,
To bind, to Jesus in mind
And -soul.

Interlude Voices:
For the Kingdom you must strive,
You're His--dead or alive.

Verse 2a:
All see you belong to Him, whose name you bear,
The helmet affixed, there can be no hiding.
Though hard roads you may choose and wrong colors wear,
In your mind His voice still speaks, always guiding.

Verse 2b:
Implanted within, it was but a small cost,
To stay preserved from Hell.
Thus now to God's Realm you can never be lost,
Secured by His spell.

[Repeat Chorus twice]


"THE HELMET" (with chords)


Verse 1a:
(Dm)Young knight in bright (Bb)armor, old (F)weapons laid (C)down.
In the (Dm)armorer's (Am)forge, fair (Bb)maidens att(C)ending.
Now (Dm)groomed for the (Bb)fierce wars that (F)rage all a(C)round,
You (Dm)kneel to be (Am)crowned, nobly (Dm)bending.

Verse 1b:
(Bb)This is the (F)moment, brave (Gm)warrior, to (C)yield;
Lord (Bb)of your (Am)fate no (Bb)longer.
Though (Bb)sirens al(F)lure you in (Gm)far town and (C)field,
Love's (Dm)power is (C)stron(Am)ger.

(Bb)Donning the (Am)helmet, sur(F)rendered.
It's (Bb)now and for(Am)ever to cont(F)-(C)rol,
To (Bb)bind, to Jesus (C)in (Am)mind
And (C)-(F)soul.

Interlude Voices:
For the Kingdom you must strive,
You're His--dead or alive.

Verse 2a:
All (Dm)see you (Bb)belong to Him, (F)whose name you (C)bear,
The (Dm)helmet af(Am)fixed, there (Bb)can be no (C)hiding.
Though (Dm)hard roads you (Bb)may choose and (F)wrong colors (C)wear,
In your (Dm)mind His voice still (Am)speaks, always (Dm)guiding.

Verse 2b:
(Bb)Implanted with(F)in, it was (Gm)but a small cost,
(Bb)To stay pres(C)erved from (Bb)Hell.
(Bb)Thus now to God's (F)Realm you can (Gm)never be (C)lost,
Se(Dm)cured by His (Am)spell.

[Repeat Chorus twice]

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