Album: HOT OR COLD  |  Song lyrics to: THE CATHARS

Lead Vocal: Mike Fischer
Music & Lyrics: Mike Fischer


Intro: (Gm)-(Am)-(F)-(G)-(Bbmaj7)-(A7)-(Dm)

Verse 1
There (Am)was a strange sect back (F)in the 1200s,
(G)Cathars they were called by (Am)name.
They were among the Gypsies of (F)southern Europe,
Their (G)lifestyle brought them great (Am)fame.
They were Christians, (F)real believers,
(G)Drop-outs from the church of their (Am)day.
They rebelled from the old, their (F)fate was foretold,
They were a (G)threat to the established (Am)way.
They said ...

"We're (Am)gonna come back in the (F)time of the End,
(G)Seven hundred years from (Am)now.
We're gonna come back and take (F)over this world,
To (G)God we make this (Am)vow."

Verse 2
(Am)They believed in (F)loving freedom,
They were (G)sweeping across the (Am)land.
With songs of love and the (F)truth in their hearts,
(G)Thousands joined their (Am)bands.
They sang, they danced, they (F)played their guitars,
Their (G)spirits shone like the (Am)sun.
It was plain to see they were (F)winning the world,
And the (G)Devil was on the (Am)run. They said ...

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 3
The (Am)pope got so scared, he (F)sent out an army
In the (G)name of (Am)God Above.
He couldn't let them (F)get any further,
So he (G)massacred these children of (Am)love.
(Am)Before they died, (F)they prophesied
(G)They'd come back (Am)again.
(Am)"We'll return, (F)to carry on,
(G)In the time of the (Am)End!" They said ...

[Repeat Chorus]

Chorus 2
(Am)"We've come back, it's the (F)time of the End
(G)It's here and (Am)now!
(Am)We've come back to take (F)over this world,
To (G)God we make this (Am)vow!"

Repeat Chorus 2 three times
"To (G)God we make this (Am)vow!" (Am)-(G)-(Am)

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