Album: HOT OR COLD  |  Song lyrics to: HOT OR COLD

Lead Vocal: Benji & Emmanuel
Music & Lyrics: Benji & Emmanuel


Intro: (Am)-(G)

Chorus 1
You gotta be (A)hot or (A/G)cold! (D/G)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
You (G)better be (A)hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)-(A)

Verse 1 [Rap]
I know thy works that thou art neither c-c-cold nor hot.
I would that thou wert cold or hot, hot, hot.
So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot,
I will spew thee out of My mouth,
Spew thee out of My mouth!

Chorus 2
You'd better be (A)hot or (A/G)cold! (D/G)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
You (G)gotta be (A)hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)

Whatso(D)ever thy hand (E)findeth to do,
(F#m)Do it with all thy might.
Whatso(D)ever you put your (E)heart into,
(C#)Do it [do it] with all you (F#m)got,
(D)Do it, mm(E)mm, with your best (A)shot.

Chorus 3
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D/G)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
You (G)better be (A)hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)

Verse 3 [Rap]
To (A)be lukewarm, that (G)just ain't cool
And if you're (D)cold like ice, you're just a fool.
So make a (A)vacuum, and for the (G)fire yearn,
And the (D)world will come out to see you burn!

Chorus 4
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D/G)
You (G)better be (A)hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
Listen to me, brother! (A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D/G)
(A)Hot or (A/G)cold! (D/G)

Chorus 5
You (G)better be (A)hot not (A/G)cold! (D/G)
[Make your choice and take your stand, no in-between or maybe.]
(A)Hot not (A/G)cold! (D)
(G)Gonna be (A)hot not (A/G)cold! (D)
[Live or die, sink or swim, life just can't be (G)hazy!]
(A)Hot not (A/G)cold! (D)
[Give your all or none at all, quit just being lazy!]
You better be (A)hot!

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