Album: HOME OF HEARTS  |  Song lyrics to: PITY THE INNOCENTS

Lead Vocal: Michael Fridley, Katrina Danika
Lyrics: Jeremy Spencer, Michael Fridley
Music: Paul Michael


Verse 1:
The wicked are becoming more blatant than ever,
You can just see it by watching the news.
Everything's run by the ACs so clever,
Even the media's controlled by them, too!

Verse 2:
Corrupting the children with Godless education,
They've thrown out the Bible and prayer from the schools;
Teaching evolution instead of creation, -
Pretending to be wise they have turned -into fools!

Pity the innocents,
It's heart-breaking to see.
Lord, help us to free them
From their soul-slavery!

Verse 3:
Cities are cesspools of violence and confusion,
Infested with drugs and perversion and war,
While politicians keep giving the illusion
Things are getting better than ever before!

[Repeat chorus]

Lift up your voices and shout out the warning to them,
Open the eyes of the blind, set them free from their sin.
Show them the signs of the End! --Oh! The End!


Famine and pestilence!

Rumors of war!

Verse 4:
The ACs orchestrate war, death and hunger,
Forcing the nations to dance to their tune.
The world can't go on like this very much longer,
Thank God that Jesus is coming back soon!


"PITY THE INNOCENTS" (with chords)

Intro: (Em)-(A)-(G)-(D)[Eight times]

Verse 1:
The (Em)wicked (A)are be(G)coming (D)more (Em)blatant (A)than (G)ever,
(Em)You can (A)just (G)see it (D)by (Em)watching (A)the (G)news.
(Em)Every(A)thing's (G)run (D)by the (Em)ACs (A)so (G)clever,
(Em)Even (A)the (G)media's (D)con(Em)trolled by (A)them, (G)too!

Verse 2:
(Em)Corrupting (A)the (G)children (D)with (Em)Godless (A)edu(G)cation,
(D)They've (Em)thrown out (A)the (G)Bible (D)and (Em)prayer (A)from the (G)schools;
(Em)Teaching (A)evo(G)lution (D)in(Em)stead of (A)crea(G)tion, (D)-(Em)
Pre(Em)tending (A)to be wise they have turned (A)-(G)into fools!

(Bb)Pity the (G)innocents,
(Bb)It's heart-breaking to (G)see.
(Bb)Lord, help us to (G)free them
(Dm)From their (F)soul-slav(Em)ery!
[Three times]

Verse 3:
(Em)Cities (A)are (G)cesspools (D)of (Em)violence (A)and con(G)fusion,
(Em)Infested (A)with (G)drugs (D)and (Em)perversion (A)and (G)war,
(Em)While (A)poli(G)ticians (D)keep (Em)giving (A)the (G)illusion
(Em)Things are (A)getting (G)better (D)than (Em)ever (A)be(G)fore!

[Repeat chorus]


(Em)Lift up your (Bm)voices and (A)shout out the (G)warning to (Em)them,
Open the (Bm)eyes of the (A)blind, set them (G)free from their (Em)sin.
(G)Show them the (D)signs of the (Em)End! (A)-(G)-(D)Oh! The (Em)End!

(Em)-(A)-(G)-(D)-(Em)-(A)-(G)[Six times]

Famine (A)and (G)pestilence!
(Em)-(A)-(G)-(D)[Two times]

Rumors (A)of (G)war!
(Em)-(A)-(G)-(D)[Two times]


Verse 4:
(Em)The (A)ACs (G)orches(D)trate (Em)war, (A)death and (G)hunger,
(Em)Forcing (A)the (G)nations (D)to (Em)dance to (A)their (G)tune.
The (Em)world can't (A)go (G)on (D)like this (Em)very (A)much (G)longer, (A)
(Em)Thank God (A)that (G)Jesus (D)is coming back (G)soon!
[Eight times]

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