Album: I'LL BE THERE  |  Song lyrics to: THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE

Lead vocal: Katrina Danika
Music & Lyrics: Billy Blanco Jr.
Producer: S. De Bezenac


Thank You for Your love in so many ways.
A smile on a baby’s face,
The golden sunshine, a lover's touch.
Through all these things You love me so much.

Verse 1
The waves in the ocean, the breeze all around,
Sweet passion at midnight, taste, sights and sound.
Your loving’ and movin’, Your warmth fills my heart.
I’m Your bride forever, You have all my heart.

Repeat Chorus x2

Verse 2
Your love really happens, You give what we need:
Food, clothing & shelter, You’re a husband indeed.
Please water the seed of love and devotion.
I love You with passion, You get me in motion.

Variation Chorus
Thank You for Your love, in so many ways.

Thank You for Your love all through out my days.

Repeat Chorus


"THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE" (with chords)

Intro: (A)-(F#m)-(A)-(F#m) (A)-(F#m)-(A)-(F#m)

(A)Thank You for Your (F#m7)love in so (A)many ways. (F#m7)
A (A)smile on a (F#m7)baby’s face,
(B)The golden (B7)sunshine, a (A)lover's (F#)touch.
Through (Bm7)all (A/C#)these (D)things You (D/E)love me (A)so much. (F#m7)-(A)-(F#m7)

Verse 1
The (Em/C#)waves in the (F#7)ocean, the (Bmaj7)breeze all around,
Sweet (Bm7)passion at (E7)midnight, (Amaj7)taste, sights and sound.
Your (Em7)loving’ and (F#7)movin’, Your (Bmaj7)warmth fills my heart.
I’m (C#m)Your bride forever, (E/F#)You have all my (B)heart. (D/E)

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Your (Em/C#)love really (F#7)happens, You (Bmaj7)give what we need:
(Bm7)Food, clothing & (E7)shelter, You’re a (Amaj7)husband indeed.
Please (Em7)water the (F#7)seed of (Bmaj7)love and devotion.
I (C#m)love You with passion, (E/F#)You get me in (B)motion. (D/E)

Variation Chorus
(A)Thank You for Your (F#m7)love, in so (A)many ways. (F#m7)
(A)Thank You for Your (F#m7)love all through (A)out my (F#m7)days.

Repeat Chorus


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