Album: INTOXICATED  |  Song lyrics to: THIS IS MY LOVE FOR YOU

Lead vocals: Julie Weiler, Vas Myers
Lyrics and Music: Julie Weiler
Producer: Vas Myers


Intro: (F-Bb) (four times)

Verse 1
(F)I will cry every(Bb) tear,
Feel every(F) fear,
Sigh every(Bb) sigh
‘Til you (F)die.
This is (Bb)My love for (F)you.

I will laugh every(Bb) laugh,
Give all, not(F) half,
Share what we've(Bb) saved,
Smile to be(F) brave,
And I'll(Bb) say, “I love (F)You.”

Chorus 1
(Ab)‘Til the (Eb)stars all (Fm)shine as (Bb)one,
‘Til we (Fm)don't have time for (Cm)anything but (Ed)love,
(Ab)‘Til(Eb) all is(Fm) safe (Bb)outside and we can (Fm)run and play
And (Cm)never have to(Eb) hide,
This is(Ab) my love for (Eb)You.

Verse 2
(F)I’ll sing your favorite(Bb) song,
Right your worst (F)wrong,
See through your(Bb) eyes,
Be your(F) sunrise,
And I(Bb) do, yes, I do love (F)you.

I will go so, so(Bb) far
‘Till we both(F) are
In that deep(Bb) place,
Lying face to (F)face,
And I'll(Bb) say, “I love(F) You.”

Chorus 2
(Ab)‘Til the (Eb)stars all(Fm) shine as (Bb)one,
‘Til we(Fm) don't have time for(Cm) anything but (Eb)love,
(Ab)‘Til (Eb)all is (Fm)safe (Bb)outside and we can (Fm)run and play
And(Cm) never have to (Eb)hide,
This is (Ad)my love for (Eb)You.

[Repeat Chorus 2]

This is (Ab)my love for (Eb)You.
This is (Ab)my love for (Eb)You.

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