Album: LETZ DANTZ  |  Song lyrics to: BREATH OF PRAISE

Lead vocals: Mercy M.
Lyrics: Brian Philips
Music: Augusto Carreira
Producer: Jeff Konen


Verse 1
The whispers of the wind carried Your love
Past my mind and reached into my heart.
It touched, it filled my soul, 'til it could not hold.
Now my heart is over flowing with the breath of praise.

Early in the morning, when the sun has shone the night away,
I feel Your love in the beauty of today.
In the night was love that has made us one, and now my heart
Is over flowing with the breath of praise.

Break: ------ two times

Verse 2
I know that You are here, You are alive.
You have come to live Your life inside.
But my heart could never hold this love, it overflows
Every time I raise my heart to You in praise.

Repeat Chorus twice

Verse 3
It seems as though our hearts have become one.
Like a vision of Heaven is this love.
My life will never be one that is complete
Until I've filled my heart with Your joy and praise.

Repeat Chorus twice


"BREATH OF PRAISE" (with chords)

Intro: (C)-(G)-(Am)-(F)-(C)-(G)-(F) two times

Verse 1
(C)The whispers of the (G)wind (Am)carried Your (F)love
(C)Past my mind and (G)reached into my(F) heart.
It(C) touched, it filled my (G)soul, (Am)'til it could not (F)hold.
Now my (C)heart is over (G)flowing with the breath of (F)praise.

(C)Early in the (G)morning, when the (Am)sun has shone the (F)night away,
(C)I feel Your(G) love in the (F)beauty of today.
In the (C)night was love that has(G) made us one, (Am)and now my (F)heart
(C)Is over (G)flowing with the breath of (F)praise.

Break: (C)-(G)-(Am)-(F)-(C)-(G)-(F) two times

Verse 2
(C)I know that You are (G)here, (Am)You are (F)alive.
You have (C)come to live (G)Your life in(F)side.
But my (C)heart could never (G)hold (Am)this love, it over(F)flows
Every(C) time I raise my (G)heart to You in (F)praise.

Repeat Chorus twice

Verse 3
(C)It seems as though our (G)hearts (Am)have become (F)one.
Like a (C)vision of (G)Heaven is this (F)love.
My (C)life will never (G)be (Am)one that is com(F)plete
(C)Until I've filled my (G)heart with Your joy and (F)praise.

Repeat Chorus twice

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