Album: LETZ DANTZ  |  Song lyrics to: DIYE JALTE HAIN

Lead vocal: Somesh Thakur
Music & Lyrics: Somesh Thakur
Producer: Somesh Thakur

"DIYE JALTE HAIN" (Lamps Light Up) - Hindi Song

[Rough English translation only]

Lamps light up on my paths,
Yes, lamps light up on my paths!

Verse 1
When my path is not clear,
When my heart is heavy and
Tears fill my eyes,
When there’s perhaps no one with me,
Yet there’s a voice that speaks in my heart!

Verse 2
There’s no one walking by who has peace,
[In every heart there’s some pain,]
But when I reach out with the hand of help
My heart is filled with happiness and my life overflows!

Lamps light up on my paths
When [those] withered faces smile
And I need to keep on going 'til the goal.

Verse 3
Every day’s like a blank sheet of paper.
When it’s done, have to give an account.
Did I make someone smile, did I shine
A light in someone’s darkness?

Repeat Chorus

Lamps light up on my paths!

Even a tiny flame in the dark night
Shows a lost traveler the way to a refuge.
When I light up someone’s hear,t
I find that the darkness flees from my path too,
And once again all is bright.
Let the world light up
All around!

Repeat Chorus

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