Album: MARCH ON STRONG  |  Song lyrics to: YOU FIGHT FOR ME

Lyrics: Allen Alket, W.C. Martin, John Freeman
Music: John Freeman
Producer: John Freeman


Verse 1
You heal every heartache,
You hear every sigh,
What a wonderful Savior You are.
You help me in times of trouble,
You heed when I cry.

You fight for me when I cannot fight,
You comfort me in the gloom of the night,
You lift the burden, for You are strong
You still the sigh, and awaken the song.

Interlude: -----

Verse 2
The valley may be dark,
And the shadows deep,
But You're the Shepherd who guards Your lonely,
And shows them each step,
And shows them each step of the way.

[Repeat Chorus Twice]


"YOU FIGHT FOR ME" (with chords)

Intro: (C)-(G/C)-(F/C)-(Am)-(G)-(Fsus2)

Verse 1
(C)You (Cmaj7)heal every (F/C)heartache,
(C)You (Cmaj7)hear ev(F/C)ery sigh,
(C)What a (Em7)wonderful Sa(Fsus2)vior You are.(C/D)
You (Dsus4)help me in times of tr(D)ouble,
You (Gsus4)heed when I (G)cry.(Gsus4)-(G)

You (C)fight for me (Cmaj7)when I (F/C)cannot fight,
You (C)comfort me (Cmaj7)in the (Fsus2/G)gloom of the night,
You (C)lift the burden, (Em)for (F)You are strong(C/E)
You (Dsus4)still the sigh, (D)and awa(Gsus4)ken the so(G)ng.

Interlude: (C)-(G/C)-(F/C)-(Am)-(G)-(Fsus2)

Verse 2
(C)The (Cmaj7)valley may (F/C)be dark,
(C)And the (Cmaj7)shadows (F/C)deep,
(C)But You're the (Em7)Shepherd who guards Your (Fsus2)lonely,(C/D)
And (Dsus4)shows them each (D)step,
And (Gsus4)shows them each (G)step of the way.(Gsus4)-(G)

[Repeat Chorus Twice]


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