Album: MOSAIC  |  Song lyrics to: REACH THE LOST

Lead vocal: Jim Rudow
Music and Lyrics: Phillip Johnson
Produced by: Phillip Johnson, Jerry Paladino


Verse 1
It's the day of the wolf, and the beast is now loose,
And false prophets on Wall Street are tightening the noose.
Lucifer is the fox, and mankind is the goose.
Simple love is vilified,
Outright filth is glorified.
God, help me speak the truth and not hide.

Verse 2
Wearing parachutes with holes, the world falls to its fate.
Fearing light like the moles, they are buried in hate.
But we must save their souls from the cannibal's plate.
On this planet of nightmares, anger reigns, darkness glares.
God, help me light a candle, send up flares.

To save a sheep, a Shepherd died.
Our Lord and King was crucified.
I can't leave the Son of God
All alone to bear the cross.
Now I know I just go reach the lost,
Reach the lost, reach the lost.
Now I know I just go reach the lost.

Verse 3
Though I'm bound to be mocked and despised by the crowd,
I refuse to be shocked by the lies of the proud.
'Til the chains are unlocked, and the message gets out,
Let the martyrs testify,
Let the prophets shout and cry,
Let not innocent souls starve and die.

Repeat Chorus twice

"REACH THE LOST" (with chords)

Capo: 3rd fret

Intro: (Bm)-(G)-(D)-(A) (Bm)-(G)-(D)-(A)

Verse 1
It's the (D)day of the (F)wolf, and the (C)beast is now (D)loose,
And false (D)prophets on (C)Wall Street are (G)tightening the (A)noose.
Luci(D)fer is the (F)fox, and man(C)kind is the (D)goose.
Simple (C)love is vili(D)fied,
Outright (C)filth is glori(D)fied.
God, help (F#m)me speak the (G)truth and not (D)hide.

Verse 2
Wearing (D)parachutes with (F)holes, the world (C)falls to its (D)fate.
Fearing (D)light like the (C)moles, they are (G)buried in (A)hate.
But we (D)must save their (F)souls from the (C)cannibal's (D)plate.
On this (C)planet of night(D)mares, anger (C)reigns, darkness (D)glares.
God, help (F#m)me light a (G)candle, send up (A)flares.

(Gmaj7)To save a (Bm7)sheep, a (A6)Shepherd (D)died.
Our Lord and (Bm7)King was (A6)cruci(D)fied.
I can't (G)leave the Son of (A)God
All a(D)lone to bear the (Bm)cross.
Now I (Em)know I just (G)go reach the (Bm)lost,
Reach the (G)lost, reach the lost.
Now I (D)know I just go reach the (A)lost.

Verse 3
Though I'm (D)bound to be (F)mocked and de(C)spised by the (D)crowd,
I re(D)fuse to be (C)shocked by the (G)lies of the (A)proud.
'Til the (D)chains are un(F)locked, and the (C)message gets (D)out,
Let the (C)martyrs testi(D)fy,
Let the (C)prophets shout and (D)cry,
Let not (F#m)innocent (G)souls starve and (A)die.

Repeat Chorus twice

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