Album: NAKED  |  Song lyrics to: FIFTH DIMENTION

Lead Vocal: Jasper McCollum
Music & Lyrics: Jasper McCollum
Jasper McCollum: Bass, vocals - Christian McCollum: Guitars, vocals
Ryan Cline: Drums, Djembe - Sebastian Fisher: Keyboard
Production/Mixing/Mastering: Christian McCollum, Steven McNair


Verse 1

I struggle in flesh and bone.

Seems like blood and breath

How do I know if I’ll stand strong

How do I know who to trust?

I cry out to You, my love

The only one for sustenance

And I plead Your precious blood

To break me from this selfishness.

For too long now I’ve walked in the flesh

And I admit that I’ve sat on the fence.

I’ve been putting up false pretence.

And Your Word I’ve even questioned it.

But I’m sick and tired of these demons quest

To lure me and pull me out of Your service

You’ve given me your all how can I do less

Than make this time into a catalyst?


Take me away to the fifth dimension

I wanna stay in Your protection

I’ve been away, here’s consequence for my actions

I cannot say the warnings haven’t been flashing.

Verse 2

Clear cause and effect

In brilliant colors crystallize

To our disobedience You cannot turn a blind eye.

To keep us on the cutting edge

You have put the stakes this high

So discipleship’s acid tests

Should come as no surprise.

You’ve been trying to get me to forsake my ways,

Stripping me to the roots of my faith.

All the methods and the weapons in my face;

All that I need to make these demons pay.

It’s taken me a while now to see that these

Days that we’re living in are what You say

The merging of two realities is plain

And I can see consequences crashing waves.

Repeat Chorus 2x

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