Album: NAKED  |  Song lyrics to: MUSTARD SEED

Lead Vocal: Jasper McCollum
Music & Lyrics: Jasper McCollum
Jasper McCollum: Bass, vocals - Christian McCollum: Guitars, vocals
Ryan Cline: Drums, Djembe - Sebastian Fisher: Keyboard
Production/Mixing/Mastering: Christian McCollum, Steven McNair


Verse 1

Behold the birds of the air

They neither toil nor despair

But your Father feedeth them,

Are ye not more than they?

Take no thought for yourself

What you’ll eat, where you’ll dwell,

What the next daylight will bring

For your Father seeth all things


If I can make the world to spin around

Cause life to be formed from the dust of the ground

Make all that you see in the space of seven days

Are you My love a hard thing for Me?

You can say unto this mountain

“Be ye cast into the sea”

If you would have the faith of a grain of mustard seed.

The dead raise to life,

The lame stand to his feet

If you my Love, put your trust in Me.

Verse 2

You are My bride, My wife to be

I bled and died to make you free

I gave you all there was of Me

Now did you think that I would leave?

You do My work, and heed My call

You humbly serve and give your all.

So come My love, take your fill

I promise I will fit the bill.

Repeat Chorus

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