Album: NAKED  |  Song lyrics to: NAKED

Lead Vocal: Jasper McCollum
Music & Lyrics: Jasper McCollum
Jasper McCollum: Bass, vocals - Christian McCollum: Guitars, vocals
Ryan Cline: Drums, Djembe - Sebastian Fisher: Keyboard
Production/Mixing/Mastering: Christian McCollum, Steven McNair


Verse 1

I’ve been affected by the world’s perspectives

They have injected their scented venom into me.

Now my brains conflicted as I’m being convicted

By this descriptive picture You hold in my face.

God, give me the grace to make this change.

Chorus 1

I wanna be naked and free,

Strippin’ these drapings from me.

What I’ve mistaken to be

Freedom and peace is a phony reality.

Now I’m takin’ off these

Clothes of fakin’. I see

I feel You shakin' the tree

And awakening me!

Verse 2

Let’s look inside our very beings

And see what’s stoppin’ us from being

The disciples He would make us now

If we would just forsake all and strip down!

Repeat Chorus 1

Verse 3

I’m gonna bleed and die for this honored high call;

Being Your disciple, to be in more ways like You, Lord!

I got a good eye full of this System’s tight hold

That had me in a blindfold. I need Your mind in full

To guide my soul where You want me.

Repeat Chorus 3x

I don’t want what this world is offering me

Let’s take off our clothes, I want to be free!

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