Album: NAKED  |  Song lyrics to: NO PRICE TOO HIGH

Lead Vocal: Jasper McCollum
Music & Lyrics: Jasper McCollum
Jasper McCollum: Bass, vocals - Christian McCollum: Guitars, vocals
Ryan Cline: Drums, Djembe - Sebastian Fisher: Keyboard
Production/Mixing/Mastering: Christian McCollum, Steven McNair


Verse 1

I walked the world alone

And I called no place my home

Longing for companionship just as I see you.

Encased in human flesh, my will put to the test

The questions that pass through your head,

Passed through mine too.

Many a night spent on my face,

Searching answers, seeking grace,

How could I fulfill for you all I was meant to?

And as I struggled there, I saw a vision of you here

And nothing on earth or in Hell could stop the

choice that I made.


Who am I? I lived, I died,

I Felt pain and I cried

And my heart went out to those this world pushes aside.

I was denied, crucified, but all Hell I defied,

Cause to have you here, no price was too high.

Verse 2

And I hated evil too,

With compassion I was moved

The oppression and hypocrisy made me angry

Against these wrongs I spoke out,

And they set out to cut me down,

Their religiosity was threatened by me

The blind leading the blind astray

By their good works and what they say.

You see the same things today

And I don’t blame you

For wanting to be free of it,

seeking for the key to sit

At the very feet of the One who made you.

Repeat Chorus 2x

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