Album: NAKED  |  Song lyrics to: WAR

Lead Vocal: Jasper McCollum
Music & Lyrics: Jasper McCollum
Jasper McCollum: Bass, vocals - Christian McCollum: Guitars, vocals
Ryan Cline: Drums, Djembe - Sebastian Fisher: Keyboard
Production/Mixing/Mastering: Christian McCollum, Steven McNair


Verse 1

How dare you presume to know My mind,

Put words in My mouth that are not mine

I'm not for your false holy wars

So don't drop My name anymore.

You rejected Me—you stand alone.

Another one will take your throne.

I'm not to blame for what you've done

And I won't hold back what's to come


I stand for Peace, this I abhor

Why don't you ask Me what I think of war?

You think you're so close

When you've strayed so far.

I tell you plainly that I hate war!

Verse 2

You call on Me with your lip-service

When your hearts have from Me fled

Have you known My greatest love,

or will you always thirst for blood?

Can you hear the cries of pain

from the graves of those you've slain

They cry to Me with a deafening cry

And I will not turn away My eyes.

Repeat Chorus 2x

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