Album: ONE DAY AT A TIME  |  Song lyrics to: BEND IN THE ROAD

Lead vocal: Michael Fogarty
Lyrics and music: Jeremy Spencer
Producer: Michael Fogarty


Verse 1
When you feel you have nothing left to give,
And you're sure that the song has ended,
And it seems there's no reason left to life
And the darkness of night had descended.

Where can you go to find the strength
You need to keep on tryin'?
Where can you find the hand that'll dry
The tears your heart is cryin'?-

Chorus 1
When you're filled with hopelessness and sorrow,
--Looking at what seems to be the end,
God will whisper, "Wait until to morrow,-
This heartbreak is only a bend in the road."
[Bend in the road], bend in the road,
[Bend in the road], bend in the road.-

Verse 2
The road will continue past the bend,
And you'll sing as you go on your journey,
And hope in your heart will burn again
As you see the light for which you're yearning.

[Repeat Bridge]

Chorus 2
Be comforted to know the Lord is with you,-
He's closer than any other friend.
He whispers to your heart to reassure you-
That happiness is just around the bend in the road.
[Bend in the road], bend in the road


"BEND IN THE ROAD" (with chords)

Intro: (G)-(D/F#)-(Em)-(Am)-(C)-(D)[Two times]

Verse 1
When you (G)feel you have (D/F#)nothing left to (Em)give,(D)
(Em)And you're (Am)sure that the (C)song has (D)ended,
And it (G)seems there's no (D/F#)reason left to (Em)life(D)
(Em)And the (Am)darkness of (C)night had des(D)cended.

(C)Where can you go to find the (G)strength
You (Em)need to keep on (Am)tryin'?(C)
Where can you find the hand that'll (G)dry
The (Em)tears your heart is (Am)cryin'?(C)-(D)

Chorus 1
When you're (G)filled with (D/F#)hopelessness and (Em)sorrow,
(D)-(Em)-(Am)Looking at what (C)seems to be the (D)end,
God will (G)whisper, (D/F#)"Wait until to (Em)morrow,(D)-(Em)
This (Am)heartbreak is (C)only a (D)bend in the (Em)road."
[Bend in the (D)road], bend in the (Em)road,
[Bend in the (D)road], bend in the (G)road.(D/F#)-(Em)

Verse 2
The (G)road will con(D/F#)tinue past the (Em)bend,(D)
(Em)And you'll (Am)sing as you (C)go on your (D)journey,
And (G)hope in your (D/F#)heart will burn a(Em)gain(D)
(Em)As you (Am)see the light for (C)which you're (D)yearning.

[Repeat Bridge]

Chorus 2
Be (G)comforted to (D/F#)know the Lord is (Em)with you,(D)-(Em)
He's (Am)closer than (C)any other (D)friend.
He whispers (G)to your (D/F#)heart to reas(Em)sure you(D)-(Em)
That (Am)happiness is (C)just around the (D)bend in the (Em)road.
[Bend in the (D)road], bend in the (Em)road

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