Album: Someone sent us here  |  Song lyrics to: Walk on the ground

Composed by: David Paul Senek
Lead vocal: Gabe McNair
Backup vocals: Michael Fogarty/Keiko Fogarty/Florence McNair
Produced by: Michael Fogarty

Interlude: Dmaj7-D-Dmaj9-D9-D x2

Verse 1:
(G) You ex(D/F#)plode into (Em) space my (D) friend
(G) And you (D/F#) find yourself a(Em)lone and a(D)fraid
(G) Where's the (D/F#) light you've been (Em) lookin' (D) for
(G) On the (D/F#) other side of those (Em) chained (C) (G) doors?
Interlude: Dmaj7-D-Dmaj9

Bridge 1:
(D6) Someone's told you a (C6) lie, my friend
(Csus2) It's not up in the (D6) sky, descend

(Csus2) Come on down (G) walk on the (Em) ground,
with (D)Jesus

Verse 2:
(G) From your (D/F#) journeys (Em) in the (D9) past
(G) Have you (D/F#) grabbed on to (Em) somethin' that can (D) last?
(G) Does your (D/F#) mind grow so (Em) weary in the (D) night
(G) From your (D/F#) never ending (Em) strife? (C) (G)

Bridge 2:
(D6) You seek the truth in (C6) life you say
(Csus2) But you know my friend, there's (D6) just one way

(Csus2) Come on down (G) walk on the (Em) ground,
with (D) Jesus
(Csus2) Come on down (G) walk on the (Em) ground,
with (D) Jesus

Ending Vamp: D-C-G

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