Album: HEAVENLY MUSIC  |  Song lyrics to: ANTHEM

Lead Vocal: Steven McNair
Music & Lyrics: Steven McNair
Producer: Steven McNair


Verse 1:
Prophet's warnings,
To wicked kings,
Met with laughs,
Spit and swords.
So we expect,
To be mocked and
Put away,
The system’s way,
We know time is short, it's ending,
The 5th dimension is merging,
With our own.

Come together,
It is the time; we are the future,
And forever, won't step aside, a rocky ride,
But we'll never be compromised, or stylized,
And whoever will curse our side,
Has poked God's eye,
And I pray for you, my friend,
Cause we'll see who laughs in the end.

Verse 2:
Destiny waits,
From Heaven's gates,
Take my sword,
Don't pretend you
Don't feel His call,
Work to be

Repeat chorus

Well, I don't care,
Don't give a damn
About what anyone might tell me,
Can say I'm nuts,
Or that I'm high on propaganda that I'm fed,
Take a look at,
What they're feeding you,
You're conditioned to believe the way they want you to,
I have a choice,
I choose to,
Live for truth and for something that I think is right.

Repeat chorus 2X

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