Album: HEAVENLY MUSIC  |  Song lyrics to: BROKEN ARROWS

Lead Vocal: Steven McNair
Music & Lyrics: Steven McNair
Producer: Steven McNair


Verse 1:
Something in the wind I'm sensing, its ticking me,
Friends I'm talking with are saying they all agree,
Blurred the line at times, we're playing with the enemy,
So much for elite-attack team.
Oh, I've been blind, while my mind was open incessantly
Hungry for a slice of system to comfort me,
Under big attack like Iraq, my soul was weak,
But the buck stopped finally.

Yeah, the fun has just begun, let’s rock'n roll, baby.
Shooting straight, too late to wait, 'cause some souls need some saving.
It's a shame to complain when it's war that we’re waging.
A target, let's hit it, don’t be a broken arrow, baby.

Verse 2:
Sparkles from the valley brighter, appeared to me,
Say one thing and do another, previously,
Little sins were like a cancer, seriously,
Couldn't see my life in jeopardy.
System entertainment swallows your spirit whole,
Turns your mind into jello, drugged in a hole,
Gotta realize that your life is not your own,
Get your freaking head out of the hole.

Repeat chorus


Fight it, cause we don’t like it,
Any dissension, the indecision,
All the time wastin', and the law breakin',
We got a vision, and here we're comin'.

Repeat chorus 2X

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