Album: HEAVENLY MUSIC  |  Song lyrics to: CRAVE

Lead Vocal: Steven McNair
Music & Lyrics: Steven McNair
Producer: Steven McNair


Verse 1:
I, on the way,
To a long and biting day,
Black and blue,
Tie my shoe and I push out,
Tried on my own,
Melting like an ice-cream cone,
I can't see,
Bend a knee and I wipe out.

And it's about time that I crave for You,
Give me the kick that I get from a hit of the Words from You.
Take the old me and f-fill it up with You,
Need You in my skin, its all that I'm asking, to drink in You,
Before I come unglued.

Verse 2:
I sad to say,
Was a victim and a prey,
She was cunningly decked out,
Cry, silently,
Yes, You wept because of me,
From now, please,
With the keys, I won’t strike out.

Repeat chorus

Time passes away, passes away,
But You never change,
Truth is here to stay,
‘Cause You never change.

Repeat chorus

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