Album: HEAVENLY MUSIC  |  Song lyrics to: DO IT AGAIN

Lead Vocal: Steven McNair
Music & Lyrics: Steven McNair
Piano: Naoto
Producer: Steven McNair



Verse 1:
It's raining outside right now, but I don’t feel cold,
The air is so warm somehow, I can touch You,
In words, it's hard to describe this part,
Of my heart and it's Yours tonight,
Sleep with me, I want to be more then just Your friend,
More then this tonight.

You are the pickups in my guitar,
The stereo in my car,
The reason I love life,
The reason for this lullaby.
Can never say thank You enough,
For filling my breath, my Love,
And promising Heaven to me,
Eternally Your lover, Your lover


Verse 2:
So much for me to explore, You never end,
Come into me once more, then do it again,
How can You care, how can You still be mine,
Why do You love just a boy, tonight?
Let me leave my things,
And think of You as I sing,
Come on and make, make me Yours tonight,

Repeat chorus

I want You now, take it, take my everything. (Adlibs)

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