Album: HEAVENLY MUSIC  |  Song lyrics to: GROWIN' UP

Lead Vocal: Steven McNair
Music & Lyrics: Steven McNair
Producer: Steven McNair


Verse 1:
It's time to go, this ride is over,
It's been nice, I know,
It always hurts to leave people you love,
And there were times I cried my eyes out.
Well, time fixed that for me, and I'm sure you’ll be okay in a while,
Just hold out.
If you can trust Jesus through all this, you'll come out stronger for it.

You're growin' up, you’re growin’ up,
We're growin' up.

Verse 2:
Time is watching on the shoreline,
As we leave it behind,
Just wait a year or two and these things that seem so bad for you,
Can turn into gold.
Every good thing has an end, but there are better things around the bend,
Just hold on.
Don't give up, take Jesus' hand and let the tears make a better man.

Repeat chorus

Life is living where you are,
Don't stay in the past, dreaming how things could have been,
Keep climbing, the top isn't far,
When life gets out of your control, and you're caving in,
Just ask yourself if you trust Him,
If you do, there's nothing to fear.

Repeat chorus

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