Album: THE HEALING  |  Song lyrics to: JUST TRUST / THE JUDGMENT

Lead Vocal: Fabio Jayme
Stephen: Keyboards and Vocals
Rachelle Spring: Violin and Vocals
Marcelo Mandarino: Drums and Percussion
Malaquias: Guitar
Post Produciton Contributions: Emmanuel Gilligan, Augusto Carreira


Why the wars
Why the hate
Why's the suffering always for someone's gain
Why the bombs in the air
Why the rich & poor, why can't it just be fair
I've been around the world & I've seen it all
And I think it's gone too far
As I wait for You to come again
But question stands
When will it end?

I guess I'll just trust in You
Just trust

As I watch one more bomb drop
Got my face towards the warning in the red sky

Should I be watching them bleed, the deserving
The light blinds my eyes

There's nothing in this world I'd rather do
Then take Your hand Jesus, hold onto You

Babylon has fallen, for the hour of the judgment has come
I see fire coming down out of heaven, oh man what a sight

I'm glad that I trusted and gave You
The best of my life

I trust you so I won't ask

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