Album: THE HEALING  |  Song lyrics to: MOVED

Lead Vocal: Fabio Jayme
Stephen: Keyboards and Vocals
Rachelle Spring: Violin and Vocals
Marcelo Mandarino: Drums and Percussion
Post Produciton Contributions: Emmanuel Gilligan, Augusto Carreira


I've been moved
By the sound of your voice
Your smooth way
Leaves me no choice
But to love you
The best way I know how
I'm declaring it to you
Right here out loud

I know things could be different
But I believe that Jesus put you
In my path especially for me, and oh and...

I, I've been moved by your beautiful grace
Takes me away from this place, and oh and....
I, want to spread my wings around you
Fly away just me and you, just me and you

Your fairness
Like raindrops on my eyes
Your gentleness
Moves me inside
When you're gone
I miss you a thousand times
But when you're here
I can watch you sleep all night

I've been moved
I've been moved

I love to make you smile
Love to tuck you in when you are tired, oh
And after a long and tired day I love to rub your back
And then just say, oh baby
This love for you won't change

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