Album: THE HEALING  |  Song lyrics to: THE HEALING

Lead Vocals: Fabio Jayme, Rachelle Spring
Stephen: Keyboards and Vocals
Rachelle Spring: Violin and Vocals
Marcelo Mandarino: Drums and Percussion
Post Produciton Contributions: Emmanuel Gilligan, Augusto Carreira


People say,
You should be on your own
As you try & find your way
Don't trust anyone
But before your heart like theirs
Turns into stone
You've got to give into
The Healing

Don't you leave, till the spirit fills you
Till the spirit fills you, inside
Don't you go, till the spirit heals you
Till the spirit heals you, now

In order to accept the light
Turn your face towards the sun
Raise your arms receive your sight
Kneel before your Lord
The elixir is yours
Prepare to be reborn
Then let Him commence
The Healing

Go & sin no more, take up this sword (3x)

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