Album: THE HEALING  |  Song lyrics to: UNDER THE OLIVE TREE

Lead Vocal: Fabio Jayme
Stephen: Keyboards and Vocals
Rachelle Spring: Violin and Vocals
Sean Brauer: Drums and Percussion
Post Produciton Contributions: Emmanuel Gilligan, Augusto Carreira


Do you ever wonder why
You go through this life
With so many questions inside

You wonder what it would be like
To be always strong
And never have to cry

Don't wait another day,
To go away, just walk away
From the troubles in your mind
Don't wait another day,
To smile & say,
I'm gonna leave it all behind

You wake up hoping for something new
But by the time you go to sleep at night
You've never felt so blue

Well I wish you'd open up your eyes
Cuz Jesus loves you and,
He wants to come inside, come inside

Everybody running all around
You find yourself, running with them
You run into the ground

But all the while he was waiting for you, to see
He's under the Olivetree

Everyone needs someone
To be close to
He wants you

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