Album: WE'RE GONNA SING  |  Song lyrics to: HOLLYWOOD WOMAN

Lead Vocal: Katrina Danika
Lyrics: Michael Albitz, Nat Spencer, Jeremy Spencer
Music: Nat Spencer


It's a long way down from Hollywood
To the humble place you stay.
You try to live as Jesus would,
Helpin' those that pass your way.
They say that being just like me
Is every woman's dream.
But I know that you think differently,
Because you live to please your King!
I know you couldn't envy me
Even if you tried-
Knowing all my secret pains
And all the tears that I have cried.

Chorus 1
Tell me now what good
Is my empty palace?
I'm just a princess in my mind.
When the storms of life move in,
My ship has got no ballast.
What safe haven can I find?

[Ooh, ooh, Hollywood woman.]

Verse 2
Beautiful white mansions,
Windows closed up tight,
Whatever a heart can wish for
Any time of day or night;
But behind those walls a lonely heart
Beats around the clock,
Hoping in the silence
That some day true love will knock!
My beauty from a distance [Wow!]
Turns the eyes of men,
But neither my beauty or money
Can hold the love of them.

[Repeat Chorus 1]

Cruisin' the night of glittering lights,
Hollywood woman, you're a beautiful sight!
But the tinsel will fade as your beauty decays!
Hollywood woman, what price have you paid?

Chorus 2
[Sung by boy]
Open up your heart!
Open up your spirit!
Leave this vanity behind!
A voice is calling you,
I want your heart to hear it!
That safe haven you will find!

[Ooh, ooh, Hollywood woman!]
I need love! -[You need love!]
[Ooh,ooh, Hollywood woman!]
I'm just a poor, poor, poor ...
[Poor, poor, Hollywood woman! -Hollywood!]
--I need love! -
[Ooh, ooh, Hollywood woman!]
[Ooh, ooh, Hollywood woman!]


"HOLLYWOOD WOMAN" (with chords)


(C)It's a long way down from Hollywood
To the (F)humble place you (C)stay.
You (F)try to live as (Eb)Jesus would,
Helpin' (Bb)those that pass your (Bb)way.
They (C)say that being just like me
Is (F)every woman's (C)dream.
But I (F)know that you think (Eb)differently,
Because you (Bb)live to please your (F)King!
I (C)know you couldn't envy me
(F)Even if you (C)tried-
(F)Knowing all my (Eb)secret pains
And all the (Bb)tears that I have (F)cried.

Chorus 1
(Dm)Tell me now what good
(Eb)Is my empty (F)palace?
(Gm)I'm just a (F)princess in my (C)mind.
When the (Dm)storms of life move in,
My (Eb)ship has got no (F)ballast.
(Gm)What safe (F)haven can I fi(Gm)nd?

(C)[Ooh, ooh, Hollywood woman.]

Verse 2
(C)Beautiful white mansions,
(F)Windows closed up (C)tight,
What(F)ever a heart can (Eb)wish for
Any (Bb)time of day or (F)night;
But be(C)hind those walls a lonely heart
(F)Beats around the (C)clock,
(F)Hoping in the (Eb)silence
That some (Bb)day true love will (F)knock!
My (C)beauty from a distance [Wow!]
(F)Turns the eyes of (C)men,
But (F)neither my beauty or (Eb)money
Can (Bb)hold the love of (F)them.

[Repeat Chorus 1]

(F)Cruisin' (Bb)the (C)night of (Bb)glitter(F)ing (C)lights,
(Bb)Hollywood (F)woman, you're a (C)beautiful sight!
But the (F)tinsel (Bb)will (C)fade as your (Bb)beauty (F)de(C)cays!
(Bb)Hollywood (F)woman, what (G)price have you paid?

Chorus 2
[Sung by boy]
(Dm)Open up your heart!
(Eb)Open up your spi(F)rit!
(Gm)Leave this (F)vanity be(C)hind!
A (Dm)voice is calling you,
I (Eb)want your heart to (F)hear it!
(Gm)That safe (F)haven you will (Gm)find!

(C)[(Eb)Ooh, o(F)oh, Hollywood (C)woman!] (Eb)-(F)
I need (C)love! (Eb)-(C)[You need love!]
(C)[(Eb)Ooh,o(C)oh, Hollywood (C)woman!] (Eb)-(C)
I'm just a (C)poor, (Eb)poor, (C)poor ...
(C)[(Eb)Poor, (C)poor, Hollywood (C)woman! (Eb)-(C)Hollywood!]
(C)-(Eb)-(C)I need (C)love! (Eb)-(C)
(C)[(Eb)Ooh, o(C)oh, Hollywood (C)woman!] (Eb)-(C)-(Eb)-(C)
(C)[(Eb)Ooh, o(C)oh, Hollywood (C)woman!] (Eb)-(C)

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