Album: WE'RE GONNA SING  |  Song lyrics to: SPACE CITY PARK

Music & Lyrics: Michael Dooley


In Space City Park,
The sound of music floats on the breeze,
The flowers smile as we drift by lilies,
Even the trees say hello!
Come picnic with me
By the side of the sparkling lake;
Try a slice of this Heavenly cake.
I'm as happy as a lark,
To be out for a stroll
In Space City Park.

Step in my saucer,
We'llgo for aride;
Above thecity, we drift and we glide.
I'm here in Heaven with you by my side
As we fly so free through the air!

In Space City Park
You never know just who you will meet-
Just saw apostles Paul, James and Pete
Out for a treat with the girls.

Who's that on that bench?
Shakespeare and Grandpa are writing a poem.
And over there, hey, can you see, it's Noah,
Telling how he built the ark,
While he's out for a stro-oll
In Space City Park.

Phoebe and Libby are singing a song,
Abner and Aaron come riding along;
Wherever you go there is always a song
In the air!
In Space City Park,
You're here beside me and I'm feeling great;
Don't have to worry about gettin' home late [oh, no],
'Cause it never gets dark.
When we're out for a stroll-
It's so good for my soul;
To be out for a stroll-
I feel so healthy and whole,
When we're out for a stroll
In Space City Park! -


"SPACE CITY PARK" (with chords)

Intro: (Abaug)-(Gaug)

In (C)Space City (Dm)Park,
(Em)The sound of (Gaug)music (C)floats on the (Dm)breeze,
(Em)The flowers (A7)smile as we (D9)drift by lilies,
(Ab7)Even the (G)trees say hel(Em)lo! (Eb7)-(D7)-(Db7)
Come (C)picnic with (Dm)me
(Em)By the (Gaug)side of the (C)sparkling (Dm)lake;
(Em)Try a (A7)slice of this (D9)Heavenly cake.
(Ab7)I'm as (G)happy as a (Em)lark, (A7)-(B7)-(A7)
To be (D9)out for a stroll (G)
In Space City (C)Park. (Fm)-(Bb7)-(C)-(Bb)-(Bbaug)

(Eb)Step in my (Fm)saucer,
We'll(Gm)go for a(Bbaug)ride;
(Eb)Above the(Fm)city, we (Gm)drift and we (Bbaug)glide.
(Eb)I'm here in (Fm)Heaven with (Gm)you by my (D7)side
As we (G)fly so (Am)free through the (G/B)air! (Gaug)

In (C)Space City (Dm)Park
(Em)You never (Gaug)know just (C)who you will (Dm)meet-
(Em)Just saw a(A7)postles (D9)Paul, James and Pete
(Ab)Out for a (G)treat with the (Em)girls. (Eb7)-(D7)-(Db7)

Who's (C)that on that (Dm)bench?
(Em)Shakespeare and (Gaug)Grandpa are (C)writing a (Dm)poem.
(Em)And over (A)there, hey, can you (D9)see, it's Noah,
(Ab7)Telling how (G)he built the (Em)ark, (A7)
While he's (D9)out for a stro-(Ab7)oll
In S(G)pace City (C)Park. (Fm)-(Bb7)-(C)

(Eb)Phoebe and (Fm)Libby are (Gm)singing a (Bbaug)song,
(Eb)Abner and (Fm)Aaron come (Gm)riding a(Bbaug)long;
(Eb)Wherever you (Fm)go there is (Gm)always a (D7)song
In the (G)air! (Am)-(G/B)-(Gaug)
In (C)Space City (Dm)Park,
(Em)You're here be(Gaug)side me and (C)I'm feeling (Dm)great;
(Em)Don't have to (A7)worry about (D9)gettin' home late [oh, (Ab7)no],
'Cause it (G)never gets (Em)dark. (A7)-(Bb7)-(A7)
When we're (D9)out for a stroll- (Ab7)
(G)It's so (Em)good for my soul; (A7)
To be (D9)out for a stroll- (Ab7)
(G7)I feel so (Em)healthy and whole, (Bb7)-(A7)
When we're (D9)out for a stroll (Ab7)
In (G7)Space City Park! (Gaug)-(C9)

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