Lead Vocal: Sunny Davina McNair
Words for Verses 1, 2, and Chorus 1: Alice Hawthorne
Words for Verses 3, 4, and Chorus 2: Avis B. Christianson
Music: Alice Hawthorne


Soft as the voice of an angel,
Whispering, "Jesus is near,"
Hope with a gentle persuasion
Tells me I've nothing to fear.
Wait till the darkness is over,
Wait for the soon-coming Dawn,
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow,
After the shower is gone.

Chorus 1
Whispering hope, O how welcome thy voice.
Making my heart in its Sorrow rejoice.

If in the dusk of the twilight
Dim be the region afar,
Will not the deepening darkness
Brighten the glimmering star?
So when the night is upon me,
Why should my heart sink away?
Always I'll cling to His promise,
Watch till the breaking of day.

[Repeat Chorus 1]

Rejoice, rejoice,

Though on this Earth shadows deepen,
Brighter the hope glows with in,
As that glad day is approaching
When we shall gaze upon Him.
Caught up with Saints of all ages
Into His Presence divine,
There throughout years everlasting
In His Own likeness we'll shine!

Chorus 2
Glorious hope,
He is coming, is coming!
Jesus, our Savior is coming again!

Lift up your heads, all ye faithful,
Follow His Light from above.
He will not fail nor forsake thee,
Hope thou in Jesus' love.
Oh, what a glorious future,
Oh, what a day that will be!
Even so come, blessed Jesus,
Come, we are longing for Thee!

[Repeat Chorus 2 two times]

[Rejoice, rejoice!]
Jesus, our Savior is coming again!




(G)Soft as the (C)voice of an (G)angel,
(C/D)Whispering, (D7)"Jesus is (G)near,"
Hope with a gentle per(C)suasion
(G/D)Tells me I've (D7)nothing to (G)fear.
Wait till the (D)dark(Dmaj7)ness (D7)is (G)over,
(D/A)Wait for the (A7)soon-coming (D)Dawn,(D7)
(G)Hope for the (C)sunshine to(G)morrow,
(G/D)After the (D7)shower is (G)gone.

Chorus 1
(D7)Whispering (G)hope, O how (D7)welcome thy (G)voice.
(C)Making my (G)heart in its (D7)Sorrow re(G)joice.


(G)If in the (C)dusk of the (G)twilight
(D7)Dim be the region a(G)far,
Will not the deepening (C)darkness
(G/D)Brighten the (D7)glimmering (G)star?
So when the (G/D)night (Edim)is (D7)up(G)on me,
(D/A)Why should my (A7)heart sink a(D)way?(D7)
(G)Always I'll (C)cling to His (G)promise,
(G/D)Watch till the (D7)breaking of (G)day.

[Repeat Chorus 1]

Re(D)joice, re(C)joice,

(A)Though on this (D)Earth shadows (A)deepen,
(E7)Brighter the hope glows with (A)in,
As that glad day is ap(D)proaching
(A)When we shall (E7)gaze upon (A)Him.
Caught up with (A/E)Saints (F#dim)of (E7)all (A)ages
(E/B)Into His (B7)Presence di(E)vine,(E7)
(A)There throughout (D)years ever(A)lasting
(A/E)In His Own (E7)likeness we'll (A)shine!

Chorus 2
(E7)Glorious (A)hope,
He is (E7)coming, is (A)coming!
(D)Jesus, our (A)Savior is (E7)coming a(A)gain!


(A)Lift up your (Bm/A)heads, all ye (Amaj7)faithful,(F#m)
(Bm7/E)Follow His (E7)Light from a(A)bove.(Bm/A)
(A)He will not (A/G)fail nor for(D/F#)sake (Bm)thee,
(Esus4)Hope thou in (E7)Jesus' (A)love.(Asus4)
(A/E)Oh, what a glo(F#dim)ri(E7)ous (A)fu(F#m)ture,
(E/B)Oh, what a (B7)day that will (E)be!(D/E)
(A)Even so (D)come, blessed (A)Je(Bm7)sus,
(A/C#)Come, we are (E)long(D/E)ing for (A)Thee!

[Repeat Chorus 2 two times]

[Rejoice, re(D)joice!]
Je(D)sus, our (A)Savior is (E7)coming a(A)gain!

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