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1. Happy Helper 14. Have a Good Laugh at Yourself 27. Christmas Praise is in the Air 40. Thank You for My Eyes
2. Don't Give Up 15. Sounds in the Night 28. Jesus Come Into My Heart 41. You can Share my Light
3. Guardian Angel 16. If You Give Love 29. There is Born a Child 42. Quacky the Duck
4. Little Things 17. Happy God 30. Do You Hear What I Hear 43. Try Again
5. Growing 18. If You'll be Kind to Others 31. Christmas Candle 44. Keep Clean
6. It Comes Back to You 19. When it is Time 32. Baby Jesus 45. Happiness
7. Long Live Love 20. I'd Like to be Invisible 33. Wonderful 46. Try to be Loving
8. Pretty Dancing Trees 21. The Sun Song 34. I'd Like to be a Christmas Tree 47. We're Happy
9. Land of Not Too Much 22. Mommy is Having a Baby 35. Ring Christmas Bells 48. A Few Little Hugs
10. Do it Cause Daddy Said so 23. Do it Now 36. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands 49. Where would we be
11. Time to be Happy 24. Magic of Love 37. I'm a Baby 50. Helping Hands
12. Baby Brother 25. What is Jesus 38. God Made all the Animals -
13. The Clown 26. Wake O Earth 39. Manners -
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