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Some answers to frequently asked questions & a little about us.


Started in 2006, NuBeat.org was designed and created as an avenue for Christian music artists, bands and studios to have a place to share their songs with the world free of charge. A lot of our Nubeat Music Group members are dedicated Christian missionaries, volunteers or involved in mission work, so this is an extension of their desire to reach the world with the Gospel and God's love. This website is specifically made to host songs that are offered for free and downloadable. This site was made during weekends and time after work, so patience is requested for any new features etc. If you enjoy this website, Dan (the owner) gladly accepts tips, thank you!


There are two ways to look for a specific song title. You can use the Google search at the top of the page, although if Google hasn't indexed all of the pages on Nubeat yet, then the results may not be conclusive. The second way is to click the "Full Song List" link and then hit the ctrl + F keys on your keyboard, then type the name of the song in your browser's search box and it will take you to the text on that page.
Go to the album page that you want and you'll see to the far right of each song the words "DOWNLOAD" in blue, Right-Click your mouse on the the "Download" text and choose "Save target as... or Save Link as..."
If you do not see a mp3 player on the album pages, you may not have Flash installed on your computer. To play a song, you need to have Flash 9+ installed on your computer. Versions of Flash are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can be downloaded free of charge HERE. If you have Flash 9+ installed on your computer and you still cannot see a song or video player, you may have installed Flash blocking or ad blocking software which prevents you from seeing the Flash players. To play the song, you will need to disable your blocking software for Nubeat.org. Another thing to remember is that Nubeat.org uses JavaScripts, and some things may not work if your browser's JavaScript settings are disabled. Another reason that downloads are often blocked is if you have parental controls enabled on your computer.

NuBeat.org has close to 250 albums posted. A lot of these albums are no longer available for purchase. If you would like to find out which CDs are still available for online purchase, please visit one of the following websites:

Worldwide. - http://nubeat.org/shop.html (CDs added periodically.)
Worldwide. - www.treasures365.com (Bible, and devotional CDs)
U.S.A. - http://www.activatedministries.org
Europe/Africa - http://activatedeurope.com
Mexico - http://productos.conectateac.com
Aurora Product information - http://auroraproduction.com

Many people that visit NuBeat find songs that they used to listen to when they were young, but are disappointed that we don't have the original recordings posted on NuBeat. We would like to post them, but right now they haven't been transferred to digital format yet, and it's a matter of the studio personal getting the time to do it. Please be patient, if you sign up to the NuBeat News Subscriptions, we will notify you when they get posted.
Yes we do! We have another 40 albums that are transfered from cassette tape. You can find them HERE.
Good question. A lot of our Nubeat Music Group members are dedicated Christian missionaries and volunteers. There's one main reason that explains why these songs are given out for free, Mark 16:15. Preach the Gospel to every creature. What better way to get the good news out then to offer these songs for free? And because our music artists are busy serving the Lord, many do not have the time or resources that it takes to promote, maintain and become a well known artist, and obviously they are not in it for the money, but for the furtherance of the Gospel.
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