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12 SONGS / 49.5 MB / 54 min.

Artists: Michael Fogarty, Jeff Konen, John Freeman, Per Bjerregaard, Angelique Konen, Chris Konen, Jerry Paladino, Masaya Nobuka, Jay Ryder, Philip Johnson, Rod Haltom, John Listen

ALBUM: "Always" Copyright © Aurora Production Ltd.



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My 6 year old grandson and myself have learned so many scriptures for memory just listening around the house or in the car. HE loves to sing and we sing together all the time. I am grateful and blessed. Thank you.

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"So many times I say I'm sorry, so many times I just fall short of words to say. Though many times you've seen me crying, we both know our love will never give up trying. They're just blunders of the mind, I don't mean to be unkind. They're just blunders of the mind anyway, but the heart's okay."

Song: "Blunders of the mind"
Author: Per Bjerregaard