Album: HOLD ON
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11 SONGS / 40.4 MB / 45 min.

Artists: Daniel S., Nat Spencer, Heidi, Amor, David G., John Fisher, Sylvia Listen, Michael Fogarty, PHilly[Dee] , Vas Myers, Peter A., Flor Cordoba, Michael Fridley, Jeremy Spencer, Beloved Douglass, Maria, Katrina Danika

ALBUM: "Hold On" Copyright © NMG Group



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You have done a fantastic job of putting together all these wonderful tapes together. I grew up listening to heaven's magic and had lost hope that i could hear it on CD or on a laptop till i stumbled upon this website.....great work please keep goin at it .....

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"And though today I may not understand, I have Your Word that tells me not to fear [Not to fear, not to fear!] And if sometimes You hide the road ahead, Give me faith to know the victory's near!"

Song: "HOLD ON"
Author: Maria, Beloved