Album: HEAR ME
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9 SONGS / 35 MB / 38 min.

Artists: S. De Bezenac, Marianna Buhring, Cryssy Gambrill, John Fisher, Augusto Carreira, Haven L. Suttin, Richard Hansen, Flor Cordoba, Emmanuel Gilligan, Katrina Levithan, Sharon Starlight, Lua Blanco, Vas Myers, Joni Myers, Farrell Johnson, John Freeman

ALBUM: "Hear Me" Copyright © NMG Group



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Thanks so much for putting all the songs on this site. I had the cassette of "Magic of Love" and used to listen to it before going to bed when I was little. Now, 26 years later, I found it and almost started crying!! Makes me think about my lovely early years and now I can play them for my own little babygirl. Thank you and God bless you!!

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"Hear me, I need Your strength I need Your Power to make it through Hear me, I know You're there Every hour to show me what to do Help me, carry me please You help all the pain & the sorrow to cease"

Song: "HEAR ME"
Author: Flor Cordoba