Album: HEAT
Album Details:

11 SONGS / 43.4 MB / 48 min.

Artists: John Freeman, Niki Rudow, Michael Dooley, S. De Bezenac, Farrell Johnson, Vas Myers, Jasper McCollum, Joshua, Flor Cordoba, Sharon Starlight, NTL, Cherisha Giacoma

ALBUM: "Heat" Copyright © NMG Group



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Thanks for the role played by these albums in my life. I am 44 and have been listening to these music since 30 years. I have the original version cassettes still preserved in the very best way. Thanks once again. james

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"The comfort that You've given me Has filled my life with lasting wealth. Yeah, You help me to forget myself. I just wanna hear Your voice And put my trust in what's Your choice. I can't do it without Your help."

Song: "Trust"
Author: Sharon Starlight