Album: REAP
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15 SONGS / 57.8 MB / 1 hr. 3 min.

Artists: Fabio Jayme, Emmanuel Gilligan, Vas Myers, S. De Bezenac, Haven L. Suttin, Paul Rushton, Flor Cordoba, Tigo Jasper., NTL, Steve Buckle, Peter Gehr

ALBUM: "Reap" Copyright © NMG Group



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I am so thankful to you guys out there for putting up this music site. I just happened to stumble upon Nubeat. I found 'Christmas Love' album and was ecstatic. I had this cassette when I was a kid and we as a family used to listen the lovely songs. The cassette didn't work and I absolutely didn't have an idea on where to look for the tracks. Now I got this and feel nostalgic listening to the songs, reminds me of my childhood. Thank you again and god bless you all. Lots of love Sue

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"Do you know it breaks my heart to see the longing in your eyes, To see you hurt and lonely and not even seem to realize - That there's a way to find real love?"

Author: Paul Rushton