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14 SONGS / 51.7 MB / 0 hr. 57 min.

Artists: Julie Weiler, NTL, Haven L. Suttin, Gloria Russel, S. De Bezenac, Farrell Johnson, Rachelle Spring, Rueben Rabbit, Joni Myers, Kerenina Fischer, Flor Cordoba, Joanna Carruthers, Ken Stevenson, Chantalle, Katrina Levithan, Michael Dooley, John Freeman

ALBUM: "Souled Out" Copyright © NMG Group



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I was meditating in awe on all the years, sweat, money and time that was spend by so many musicians, dramatists and others over the span of over 40 years to produce these amazing library in Nubeat. Most of them worked as volunteers to make the wolrd a better place and spread the message of Gods love. The least I can do is say a hearty THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all involved. To those who can do buy some products. Thankfully we have a God who repays in better ways then money. A merry joyous Christmas and a great New Year to all of you!

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"There're times I feel so low, Don't know the way to go. There are times I feel so weak, Don't know which words to speak, Don't know why, or how I Will make it through another day. Then inside my heart I hear These words You say, "Leave it all, and come to Me now."

Author: Joanna Carruthers, S. De Bezenac