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15 SONGS / 55.2 MB / 1 hr. 2 min.

Artists: Flor Cordoba, Katrina Danika, Augusto Carreira, Michael Dooley, Rachel Adyire, Lilian Cheone, S. De Bezenac, Brian Philips, Roy A., Richard Kawesa, Fabio Jayme, Emmanuel Gilligan, Angelina Dunbar, Tigo Jasper, Pedro Atos, Niki Rudow, Jason Lawrence/Pizzuto, Phillip Johnson, Cathy Gehr, Peter Gehr, David William Gilligan, John Harvest

ALBUM: "THE ROCKER" Copyright © NMG Group



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I am glad to have found your website. My mom had bought me kid's cassette tapes when I was small. One of them was "Little Ones." For a short time in my childhood, the music of God's grace grew within my small young heart, and knew the tune and lyrics of most of the songs until today. I never knew I could hear the music again after such a long, long time until I tried to Google some lyrics I remember, which let me to your website. I thank the creators of this music. It has touched me and had affected my upbringing well towards being a spiritually mature person.

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"Well, some people think the Man who came 2,000 years ago Was just another guru with a sermon & a show To serenade the congregations in their comfy pews, While billions in the world outside have got nothing but the blues."

Song: "ROCKER"
Author: Emmanuel Gilligan