Album: REAP  |  Song lyrics to: MY DREAM

Lead Vocal: Flor Cordoba
Lyrics and Music: Flor Cordoba
Producer: NTL


Verse 1
Something just happened to me.
I had a dream last night,
And I thought, “Is it possible?” -
I see the world around me,
The problems that it has,
So can it really be possible? -

Chorus 1
'Cause in my dream, love was restored,
There was no more war,
And everyone loved each other.
Hate had been destroyed
All was forgiven; the past was left behind,
Hearts truly melted together,
Peace for all mankind.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh. -

Verse 2
That dream just got me thinking:
When will peace be found?
Does somebody have the truth? -
Does someone have the answer
To change this world around,
To make a dreamer's dream come true? -

Chorus 2
Then I found Him. He restored my life,
And laid His love inside.
I have found the answer,
I don't have to live a lie.
He taught me to forgive, to leave the past behind.
When my heart received His joy,
I found peace of mind.

The world is going down,
The need for love is strong.
Have you ever dreamed my dream,
Yearned for an honest scene,
Better than worldly schemes?
It's not a fantasy;
With Him it's reality. [Reality.]

Chorus 3
Like my dream, love can be restored,
It can end the wars.
Jesus can give us the peace that we've been searching for;
We can do our part, take Him into our hearts,
[Then we'll see a miracle and have a fresh new start.]
Come believe with me,
Just take this step and see
That it's possible to make this dream reality.
[Come on, let's forgive], forgive, and leave the past behind.
[He will melt our hearts together,]
Peace for all mankind.
[Uh-oh,] uh-oh, [uh-oh.]
[He will melt our hearts together,]
Peace for all mankind.

"MY DREAM" (With Chords)

Intro: (A)-(A7)-(Bm)-(Bm7)-(E) (A)-(A7)-(Bm)-(Bm7)-(E)

Verse 1
(A)Something just (A7)happened to me.
(Bm)I had a (Bm7)dream last (E)night,
(A)And I (A7)thought, “Is it (Bm)possible?” (Bm7)-(E)
(A)I see the (A7)world around me,
(Bm)The problems (Bm7)that it (E)has,
(A)So can it (A7)really be (Bm)possible? (Bm7)-(E)

Chorus 1
'Cause in my (A)dream, love was re(E)stored,
There was no more (F#m)war,
And everyone (D)loved each other.
(E)Hate had been de(A)stroyed
All was forgi(E)ven; the past was left be(F#m)hind,
Hearts truly mel(D)ted together,
(E)Peace for all man(A)kind.

Uh-(E)oh. Uh-(F#m)oh. (D)-(E)

Verse 2
(A)That dream just (A7)got me thinking:
(Bm)When will (Bm7)peace be (E)found?
(A)Does some(A7)body have the (Bm)truth? (Bm7)-(E)
(A)Does someone (A7)have the answer
(Bm)To change this (Bm7)world a(E)round,
(A)To make a (A7)dreamer's dream come (Bm)true? (Bm7)-(E)

Chorus 2
Then I found (A)Him. He restored my (E)life,
And laid His love (F#m)inside.
I have found the (D)answer,
I don't (E)have to live a (A)lie.
He taught me to for(E)give, to leave the past be(F#m)hind.
When my heart re(D)ceived His joy,
(E)I found peace of (A)mind.

(D)The world is going down,
(E)The need for love is strong.
(F#m)Have you ever (E)dreamed my (D)dream,
(D)Yearned for an honest scene,
(E)Better than worldly schemes?
(F#m)It's not a fantasy;
(D)With Him (E)it's reali(F)ty. [Reali(G)ty.]

Chorus 3
Like my (C)dream, love can be re(G)stored,
It can end the (Am)wars.
Jesus can give (F)us the peace that (G)we've been searching (C)for;
We can do our (G)part, take Him into our (Am)hearts,
[Then we'll see a (F)miracle and (G)have a fresh new (C)start.]
Come believe with (G)me,
Just take this step and (Am)see
That it's possi(F)ble to make this (G)dream reali(C)ty.
[Come on, let's for(G)give], forgive, and leave the past be(Am)hind.
[He will melt our (F)hearts together,]
(G)Peace for all man(C)kind.
[Uh-(G)oh,] uh-oh, [uh-(Am)oh.]
[He will melt our (F)hearts together,]
(G)Peace for all man(C)kind.

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