Album: REAP  |  Song lyrics to: WALKING IN THE LIGHT

Lead Vocal: Paul Rushton
Lyrics and Music: Paul Rushton
Producer: Paul Rushton


Verse 1
Out here a gain, out here I'd hide,
Drowning my pain, greasing my slide.
Numbing my mind, I tried to cope;
Life's hard to bear, when there's no hope.

Verse 2
Out with the guys, out for a laugh,
Hey, how we tried to make it last.
Talking is free, we talked some more,
I didn't care, no, who'd locked the door.

Refrain 1
Just going 'round, no road was straight.
Find my way out? No chance in that state.

Chorus 1
Yesterday I felt oppressed by every element.
Living life like all the rest, my soul so tired and bent.
Today the sunlight found its way through the cobwebs in my eyes,
Now I'm starting life all over,
I'm walking in the light. -

Verse 3
Out here tonight, it's not the same
Something's taken flight, something has changed.
I wish you could see inside my heart,
It's a new me with a new start.

Verse 4
I know the roads, I know the tears;
I've borne the loads over the years.
I'm out here now talking to you,
I'll tell you how you can have it, too.

Refrain 2
Something to give, something to share,
A reason to live, a reason to share.

Chorus 2
Yesterday I felt oppressed by every element.
'Til a voice called out that I just knew was Heaven-sent.
Jesus brought the sunshine back, swept the cobwebs from my eyes,
Now I'm starting life all over,
And I'm walking in the light.


Intro: (Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(Em/C#)(Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(Em/C#)

Verse 1
(Em)Out here a (Em/C#)gain, (Em)out here I'd (Em/C#)hide,
(Em)Drowning my (Em/C#)pain, (Em)greasing my (Em/C#)slide.
(Em)Numbing my (Em/C#)mind, (Em)I tried to (Em/C#)cope;
(Em)Life's hard to (Em/C#)bear, (Em)when there's no (Em/C#)hope.


Verse 2
(Em)Out with the (Em/C#)guys, (Em)out for a (Em/C#)laugh,
(Em)Hey, how we (Em/C#)tried (Em)to make it (Em/C#)last.
(Em)Talking is (Em/C#)free, (Em)we talked some (Em/C#)more,
(Em)I didn't (Em/C#)care, no, (Em)who'd locked the (Em/C#)door.

Refrain 1
(C)Just going (D)'round, (Bm)no road was (Em)straight.
(C)Find my way (D)out? No (Bm)chance in that (Em)sta(C)te.

Chorus 1
(G)Yesterday I (D)felt oppressed by (Am)every element.
(G)Living life like (D)all the rest, my (Am)soul so tired and bent.
(G)Today the sunlight (D)found its way through the (Em)cobwebs (D)in my (C)eyes,
Now I'm (Em)starting (D)life all o(C)ver,
I'm (D)walking (B)in the (Em)light. (Em/C#)-(Em)

(Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(D)-(C)(Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(D)-(C) (Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(Em/C#)

Verse 3
(Em)Out here to(Em/C#)night, (Em)it's not the (Em/C#)same
Some(Em)thing's taken (Em/C#)flight, (Em)something has (Em/C#)changed.
I (Em)wish you could (Em/C#)see (Em)inside my (Em/C#)heart,
(Em)It's a new (Em/C#)me (Em)with a new (Em/C#)start.


Verse 4
(Em)I know the (Em/C#)roads, (Em)I know the (Em/C#)tears;
(Em)I've borne the (Em/C#)loads (Em)over the (Em/C#)years.
(Em)I'm out here (Em/C#)now (Em)talking to (Em/C#)you,
(Em)I'll tell you (Em/C#)how you can (Em)have it, (Em/C#)too.

Refrain 2
(C)Something to (D)give, (Bm)something to (Em)share,
A (C)reason to (D)live, a (Bm)reason to (Em)sha(C)re.

Chorus 2
(G)Yesterday I (D)felt oppressed by (Am)every element.
(G)'Til a voice called (D)out that I just (Am)knew was Heaven-sent.
(G)Jesus brought the (D)sunshine back, swept the (Em)cobwebs (D)from my (C)eyes,
Now I'm (Em)starting (D)life all o(C)ver,
And I'm (D)walking (B)in the (Em)light.

(Em/C#)-(Em)-(Em/C#) (Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(Em/C#) (Em)-(Em/C#)-(Em)-(Em/C#)

[Fade out]

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