Album: THE ROCKER  |  Song lyrics to: WHICH WILL IT BE

Lead Vocal: David
Music: John Harvest, Augusto Carreira, David
Lyrics: John Harvest
Producer: Augusto Carreira


Verse 1
Now easy roads are crowded,
And the level roads are jammed;
The pleasant little rivers
With the drifting folks are crammed.
But up yonder where it's rocky,
Where you'll get a better view,
You will find the crowds are thinning
And the travelers are few.

So which will it be for you?
Will you chose to be one of the few?
Straight is the gate and narrow is the way.
“Well done, My child” to you will He say?

Verse 2
Plagued with indifference
The many seem to be,
But there are none as blind
As those who will not see.
Well, the few that be which follow
Are the ones who understand
That their faith will be rewarded
When they see the Promised Land.

Will you chose to be one of the few?
Will you chose to be one of the few?


Repeat Chorus twice


"WHICH WILL IT BE" (with chords)

Intro: (C)-(G#m)-(A#)-(F) Repeat

Verse 1
(C)Now easy roads (A#)are crowded,
And the (F)level roads are (G)jammed;
The (C)pleasant little (A#)rivers
With the (F)drifting folks are (D)crammed.
But up (C)yonder where it's (A#)rocky,
Where you'll (F)get a better (G)view,
You will (C)find the crowds are (A#)thinning
And the (F)travelers are (D)few.

So (C)which will it be for (G#m)you?
Will you (A#)chose to be one of the (F)few?
Straight is the (C)gate and narrow is the (G#m)way.
“Well done, My (A#)child” to you will He (F)say?


Verse 2
(C)Plagued with in(A#)difference
The (F)many seem to (G)be,
But (C)there are none as (A#)blind
As (F)those who will not (D)see.
Well, the (C)few that be which (A#)follow
Are the (F)ones who under(G)stand
That their (C)faith will be re(A#)warded
When they (F)see the Promised (D)Land.

(C)Will you chose to be one of the (F)few?
(C)Will you chose to be one of the (F)few?

(C)-(A#) Repeat

Break: (C)-(A#)-(F)-(G#) two times

Repeat Chorus twice

Break: (C)-(A#)-(F)-(G#) Repeat

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